Let Me Do It App

Features that Empower Independence

Step-by-Step Guidance

Screen shot image of the app showing how to add steps to a task.

Utilize the LetMeDoIt platform as your personalized guide through each stage of the decision-making process, with clear and concise instructions provided at every step to keep you on track.

Reminders and Notifications

LetMeDoIt App showing reminders

Stay on top of tasks with LetMeDoIt’s automated reminders and notifications, prompting users of upcoming deadlines, overdue tasks, and important updates, enhancing focus and improved ability to manage tasks. 

User Profiles

LetMeDoIt screen shot of profile page

Create individual profiles for each user, allowing caregivers and providers to access relevant information, track progress, and personalize support based on unique needs and preferences.

Seamless Invitation Process

LetMeDoIt app showing inviting users

Easily invite caregivers to join your support network by sending email invitations directly from the platform. Once they accept, they gain immediate access to the group, fostering quick and efficient collaboration. 

Resource Accessibility

LetMeDoIt screen shot showing resources

Provide users with access to a repository of resources and information within LetMeDoIt, empowering them to seek solutions independently before reaching out for assistance, promoting self-advocacy and problem-solving skills.

Progress Tracking

LetMeDoIt screenshot showing progress

Stay organized and motivated with LetMeDoIt’s built-in progress tracking feature, allowing you to monitor your advancement through each task step and celebrate milestones as you move closer to reaching your decision.

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